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An effortless match.  Some looked and saw just a wedding celebration.  We looked and saw harmony and ease:  a grown man taking down two little kids on the pitch, two lovers on a gravel lane, a man in deep meditation, two best friends in the making, and a newly-hitched couple.  (Photos - Tays)  

Dine Paris

The rest of the time we eat.
(And write about it)

Paris cannot be properly remembered without all the meals one has had the pleasure of partaking in within her reaches.  We remember ours here in the guise of restaurant reviews but really as a reminder of all the delights the food consumed had brought to our palates and as an enticement you the next time your stomach growls in the City of Lights.  Let’s dive in!

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Serving since 1845:

Things don’t get much older than this and still be around, yet, this restaurant doesn’t feel much older than many others in this old town.  Come for pleasing renditions of the French classics in a charming communal atmosphere.  |go!|


Serving until July 1:  
Chez Stella.

Having spent half her life running this little gem in the 1st, Stella and her husband are calling it quits to go enjoy their golden years.  So, go catch one last meal at an exceptional bargain at this excellent place before it’s too late.  |go!|

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Les Verts

The original Paris wedding.

When it comes to destination weddings and Paris, we happily follow in the pioneering footsteps of our dear friends, Jenn & Neil. |go!|


An American family in France.

You’ve seen them go marching in (click here), now see Paris and its neighboring village of Versailles trampled under their feet. |go!|


A Holga in Venice.

Maybe the best way to try to capture the city’s ethereal images is to go on a walk with a Holga, itself full of surprises and limitations.  |go!|


A Holga in Egypt.

See the crumbling blocks of timeless, weathered stones in the desert through the always unpredictable eyes of the Holga.  |go!|

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All the silent stones
in the desert.

All of the silent stones in the desert called us from afar.  We did waver momentarily about an Egyptian expedition but then thought, well, never mind, we’ll be broke but we’ve got the memories.  |go!|


In search of the
winter sun.

We headed south to give Nez a respite from the cold and landed in Venice, Rome, and Sicily.  But Riot was afraid he would miss the sub-zero temperature and so Krakow was added for good measure.  |go!|

Le Shopping
Cote dAzur
Deutschland, bitte

Le shopping was
but the half of it.

Nez’s mom twelve-day romp through our Paris was filled with spectacles for the eyes, delicacies for the mouth, and, of course, much, much shopping for the soul.  |go!|


Sun cure in
the Côte d’Azur.

All beach towns are alike; each non-beach town is non-beachy in its own way.  That’s our overall impression anyway after spending a week passing lazy days on the beach.  |go!|



Exploring the German countryside with les Verts and Nez’s dad in a sort of family reunion, or alternatively, a castle tour with interesting train stories. |go!|

Les Verts
Roland Garros or bust

When les Verts
go marching in.

We told Nez’s dad that we were 100% sure we would be in Paris by the time her sister visited.  We arrived with our suitcases a mere 12 days ahead of Joie and her family. |go!|


Roland Garros,
or bust.

Unplanned adventures at Roland Garros where we were treated to exciting French Open actions from the free seats as well as unexpectedly fabulous seats.  | Out | In |



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Paris Diaries
Deux Cents Mots

Paris Diaries.

Paris is a state of mind.  You’re there when you’re there and you’re there even when you’re not there (but certainly wishing that you were).  Here are some random accounts. |go!|


Deux cents mots.

Sometimes less is more. Sometimes more is more.  We have a close friend who says it just right:  “Keep it short. Keep it simple.”  It’s a tall order but we’ll do our best.  |go!|



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Thirty Random Moments

The nose knows.

The expression “C’est la vie” is often heard to convey a message when one just shrugs his shoulders and accepts a situation for what it is.  This French expression really becomes apparent after spending some time in France although you will never hear it uttered by anyone French.  |go!|


Burn, baby burn.

It is not why I’m marrying her but it is certainly an impressive feat for someone who, in all honesty, could care a little less about this kind of music, brilliant music that it actually is.  This kind of music – the vast and varying catalog of Pink Floyd – is undeniably genius and there is absolutely no room for argument.  This kind of selfless accommodation and devotion – Nez’s – is likewise love of the best kind, hands down.  |go!|


Fabulous thirty.

30 random moments in the absolutely fabulous life of Nez.  Life is not always all fun and games but it should be.  At the very least, we should try to make the best of each and every moment and laugh at everything, especially ourselves.  On occasion of Nez’s momentous birthday, Riot compiled a love note of sorts to his one and only.  We hope that you will get a laugh or two out of it.  |go!|

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Cupcake Brown
Neil & Jenn
The TL

Cupcake Brown.

You can’t say it’s impossible if you haven’t tried; if you doubt that, check out this amazing woman.  To her, we are always “sweeties”; to us, she’s one of a kind.  |go!|


Neil & Jenn.

Doing what we’re doing, we cannot ask for more enthusiastic cheerleaders than Neil and Jenn.  They, in turn, inspire us to focus on making life count.   |go!|


Zoe’s Parents.

Sometimes we secretly go on this well-thought out blog to learn a few things from the raging political debates and alleviate our ignorance.  Go Bears and Zoe’s hair!  |go!|

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Les Super-Ks.

Every night we sleep soundly in Paris knowing that all is fine in the universe as long as the three superheroes – K1, K2, and K3 (creative huh?) – are on the look out for villains of all kinds.  |go!|

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